first jack-o’-lantern

A man invited the Devil into his heart and then seduced him into staying by serving up endless cups of wine.  Once the Devil was intoxicated and caught up in the middle of one of his wicked tales, the man made the sign of the cross over his heart, ensuring that the Devil couldn’t get back out.  When the Devil finally sobered up a little, he realized that he was trapped and begged the man to undo the sign of the cross.  The man only agreed after making the Devil promise that he would never drag his soul into Hell.

A short time later, the man passed away, but when he got to Heaven was turned away because of the debauched lifestyle he’d committed himself to during his brief sojourn on Earth.  Next, he went down to Hell, but when he reached the gates of it, discovered that the Devil was only too glad to keep his promise and deny him entrance.  The man began to mock and curse the Devil, and the Devil eventually hurled a piece of burning coal at him to drive him away.

There was pumpkin growing in the field where the man was standing, and he took it, carved it out, and made a lantern by placing the burning coal inside.  You can still see the ghost of the man every Halloween, carrying his jack-o’-lantern, trapped between Heaven and Hell, wandering the face of the Earth, going from door to door, waiting to finally come in from the cold.

4 thoughts on “first jack-o’-lantern

  1. Christa Chaffins says:

    I love the idea of a blog. What an awesome way to share your vast experiences of travel and art. I absolutely adore you!

  2. stayatthebardad says:

    Thanks for your reminder that Devil is a crafty grifter and can talk you into acting against your own self-interest.


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