eaten by fire

Now there’s a crowd coming up on the road / they wave their hands like fluttering wings / a shadow falls and they follow it on / you hear the song that they’re starting to sing / you want to stand up and join the choir / but you lay back /eaten by fire / now there’s a fox talking into your ear / it’s been a hard year for the children you know / he grits his teeth cause there’s nothing to eat / you call his name as he’s turning to go / he sees a hare sitting there in the briar / but you lay back / eaten by fire / a flower grows from the side of the earth / the fragrance runs to the tip of your nose / a line is drawn as you lie in the dirt / the crowd moves on as an ocean breeze blows / the flower’s beauty you should admire / but you lay back / eaten by fire / you lay back / eaten by fire.

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