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palace of bone

The men are all guarding a palace of bone / alone in the night / back home in their bed / they dream about tigers screaming in fright / and they know that it could’ve been them instead / they look to the east / and they polish their swords / then they look to the west / and they moan / when they wake with their heads / in a puddle of sweat / they go back / to the palace of bone.

watch the world burn

I’m just going to sit here / and watch the world burn / yesterday they had their chance / today I’m taking my turn / tomorrow morning come what may / come and meet me on the hill / the clouds fly around in a disarray / but the sun is standing / perfectly still.

the blue wave

The first time I ever stood up and rode / it was like breaking free from a tunnel / that was ready to explode / the wind was lashing in my ears / as I silently shifted through the gears / and saw beautiful fish underneath my feet / and seabirds overhead / and despite everything that I’d read / it seemed like the world had been / and would always be good / sometimes it’s just misunderstood / lately it’s been sad times for me / and I’ve been lost and not very brave / but it’s time now to go back inside again / and remember how / to ride the blue wave.

sleeping songs

There are songs that are sleeping / inside of me / they are waiting until the time is right / and they can break out and finally go free / most of them will never be heard / but they still cling to their old melodies / and on one wild night / they will ride across the range / into a chorus of awakening trees.

graveyard of trains

I went to the graveyard of trains / and it made me think of my dreams / they used to barrel across the plains / blasting great mountains of steam / now it seems like the world has changed / or maybe the change is just in me / so I walk through the graveyard of trains / and I wonder where my last stop will be.

ceremonial sash

Only a child could walk the streets in this time / and pull off a smile / that manages to transcend the grime / only an innocent heart could wander through this dump / and come away with a treasure / that causes him to sing and to jump / all I can see from my apartment window / is great mountains of madness and trash / and in the middle of them all an orphan boy / wearing a worn-out fan-belt / like a ceremonial sash.

ghost in a well

There is a ghost that lived in a well / and it looked up into the future / with a fortune to tell / we were only children / tossing pennies into the ring / so though that future hovered over our heads / it didn’t mean a thing / nowadays some of us remember / as the gears slip into reverse / hearing sounds that came from down under / but only years later recalling the curse / there is a ghost that didn’t even seem real / and yet it flew into the future / with a fortune to reveal.