Angel of the River is a collection of 11 band songs that Charlie McGovern produced and recorded between 2005 and 2008 at the home studio in North Hollywood that he shared with songwriter and drummer Mike Stinson.  The players featured on these recordings, outside of Dave, Charlie, and Mike, include Kip Boardman, Josh Grange, Danny McGough, Glenn Sherba, Christa Chaffins, and Jamie Lyn Shuey.  To listen to the playlist click on the image below.

fire escape view

What was Waiting is a group of 11 acoustic songs that they did during the same period of time.  The musicians that appear on these recordings, beyond Dave, Charlie, Mike, Josh, Danny, and Christa, include Michael Starr, Tony Gilkyson, Don Heffington, Stevie Blacke, and Vicky Hill.  You can get to that playlist by clicking on the image below.

eyes of the buddha

My Life was a Taxi is a group of 22 live poetry recordings that Dave did, between the years of 2008 and 2018, on streets, buses, trains, airplanes, beaches, mountains, and in taxis, rickshaws, deserts, jungles, temples, bathrooms, and budget hotel rooms.  He shot all the video, both for the songs and the poems, in the same guerrilla style, but not at the same time as the audio.  This playlist is only a small sample of the poems that he has recorded and continues to work on.  Get to the playlist by clicking on the image below.

jewel cay

You can check out all of the haunted rock playlists by going to the haunted rock youtube channel.


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