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My life was a taxi and I always paid for the ride in the back / sometimes right there at the moment / other times long after the fact / now I’ve seen every street in this city / and know every dark corner by heart / but the next time I need to go searching / I’ll negotiate the fare from the start.

Sailing on an ocean of sleep / the deep blue water rushing by below / and though I wasn’t ready to go / when the slumber came to take me away / I was too tired to resist if for another day / now I’m traveling through another land / and everything I planned has fallen far behind / it’s impossible to know the night from day / or what I might find when I open up my eyes / sailing on an ocean of sleep / the deep blue water taking me away / the daylight lost and nothing left to keep / I just got too tired / to remain here for another day.

There is a distant chant that is coming down from the hills / it is as far away as a barely remembered dream / something important has gotten lost / there are rivers that can never be re-crossed / a man alone in this world has no meaning / I’m ready to quit this life / and go back to the dreaming.

I dreamed I sailed around a dark continent / as if I’d been sent on a mission of sorts / to gather information and write out reports / in an entirely new way / and though I didn’t know what to say / or who would be there / to receive it when I did / still I sailed like Captain Kidd / aiming my sails / for where the heavens were torn / and crashing my ship / into every storm / this morning I awoke / still not sure what it all really meant / but the daylight broke like waves / as I returned from the dark continent.

We have to take pills / just to bottle up the rage / so we can sleep inside of the cage / we talk about kids / like they’re just going through a stage / when they dare question the walls of the cage / we trade our lives away / and still it’s hard to gauge / how we will ever pay to keep up the cage / and as our days end / then we spend our old age / looking out through the holes / of our own lonely cage.

I wanted to be stopped / but I could not be stopped / I swore to make a change / but I would not be changed / at times things got too strange / and I wanted to return / instead I tossed my maps away / and watched the highway burn / sometimes we hear a higher call / that tears us out of our life / I wished to go back home / but found myself living / on the edge of the knife.

Maybe I’ve had a few / but I’m starting to get an underwater view / objects look closer in the palm of my hand / small smiles flicker in the chasms of the sand / I think I’m in the ocean now / and overhead / I see your bright / white / shining / little sails / if all else fails / then I’ll just do what I have to do / but I’m starting to look at you now / beneath the sunbeams / with my underwater view.

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