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I traveled through the magic lands / past all these vendors / with their plastic stands / selling potions and trinkets / to ward off the dark sleep / out of the jungle I watched shadows creep / and saw the days / go sifting through my hands / I listened to a warrior weep / and then returned to a world / where almost nobody / understands.

There are some renegade parrots in my neighborhood / and it makes me feel good / because they managed to get away / and make their own place in a city of crooks / there must be a million nooks in which a parrot can hide / but there’s not so many for a man / that’s why I admire this renegade band / and smile every time I hear them scream / they’re up there living out / my dream.

It seems that I’m speaking a lost language / that nobody else can hear / and I’m starting to get a bit worried / because I’m sure I’m speaking perfectly clear / it makes we wonder if I’m the only one left / or perhaps the first of my kind / because there’s no one to reason with / or try to talk me down / when I’m out walking on the edge of my mind / it seems that I’m speaking a language / that got buried and left behind / it makes me wonder if I’m the only one left / or perhaps just the first of my kind.

The first time I ever stood up and rode / it was like breaking free from a tunnel / that was ready to explode / the wind was lashing in my ears / as I silently shifted through the gears / and saw beautiful fish underneath my feet / and seabirds overhead / and despite everything that I’d read / it seemed like the world had been / and would always be good / sometimes it’s just misunderstood / lately it’s been sad times for me / and I’ve been lost / and not very brave / but it’s time now / to go back inside again / and remember how / to ride the blue wave.

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