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These are songs, poems and images from a life on the road. Enjoy your stay and safe travels.

swing set

When you were young you held on for life / and you swung to a spot in the sky / and you never told anyone why / you just felt it inside / reaching for something you sensed in a dream / like the rings of some planet that’s never been seen / and who says the grass can’t be green / when you’re over eighteen / send in the lions they screamed in a roar / but you won’t find me playing those games anymore / and I won’t wear the irons / that I sometimes wore in the past / take off the jackets that hold you inside / of some person your childhood never supplied / remember the spirit / that laid down and died on the way / stand by me tree / I just wanted to see / how high my footsteps could go / can I climb you back to the things / I used to know / come to me light / and say it’s all right / to be running away from the pain / will the sunshine give me sight again / and how can we say / that there’s life on this earth / when we’re losing our minds / from the moment of birth / losing the fire that inspires the heavens to shine / let’s build a swing set that soars to the sun / and go swinging above what’s already been done / swinging to where the living’s just begun / when you were young / you held on for life and you swung.

eaten by fire

Now there’s a crowd coming up on the road / they wave their hands like fluttering wings / a shadow falls and they follow it on / you hear the song that they’re starting to sing / you want to stand up and join the choir / but you lay back /eaten by fire / now there’s a fox talking into your ear / it’s been a hard year for the children you know / he grits his teeth cause there’s nothing to eat / you call his name as he’s turning to go / he sees a hare sitting there in the briar / but you lay back / eaten by fire / a flower grows from the side of the earth / the fragrance runs to the tip of your nose / a line is drawn as you lie in the dirt / the crowd moves on as an ocean breeze blows / the flower’s beauty you should admire / but you lay back / eaten by fire / you lay back / eaten by fire.

medicine pouch

As I walk along the road / I pick up different things I find / and put them in my medicine pouch / later when I’m lying on the couch / I sort them through the night / some are a little bit right / and some are a little bit wrong / I mix them all together / and then put them into a song / some are a little bit old / and some are a little bit new / I put them all inside of my pouch / and I wait for the medicine to brew.