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edge of the knife

I wanted to be stopped / but I could not be stopped / I swore to make a change / but I would not be changed / at times things got too strange / and I wanted to return / instead I tossed my maps away / and watched the highway burn / sometimes we hear a higher call / that tears us out of our life / I wished to go back home / but found myself living / on the edge of the knife.

underwater view

Maybe I’ve had a few / but I’m starting to get an underwater view / objects look closer in the palm of my hand / small smiles flicker / in the chasms of the sand / I think I’m in the ocean now / and overhead / I see your bright / white / shining / little sails / if all else fails / then I’ll just do what I have to do / but I’m starting to look at you now / beneath the sunbeams / with my underwater view.

room for everyone

I just moved into a new world / where there’s room for everyone / Mr. Chang please take a seat / Mr. Washington come over and sit down / when your working day is done / Senora Ramirez here are the keys / you can take my heart and turn it on / whenever you want to feel the breeze / little animals and plants / I think there’s more than enough sun / please come and sit down inside this new world / where there’s room / for everyone.

crossing borders

Crossing borders is always going to be tough / but the man afraid of crossing them / will never be man enough / to claim the life that he’s always wanted to live / and at the end of the day / all he’ll ever really have / are his own little criticisms / to give.

good intentions

Good intentions are always the first stop / on the way to my detention / locked up in a house full of bad vibrations / this is the kind of paradox / that could shatter the nations / try to do good / and get evil in return / it is only the young at heart / that will never learn.


If you’ve ever been around / you’ve probably heard of Struggletown / we call this place our home / because it’s the only place we’ve ever know / we hear of cities afar / where the people have been blessed by a star / but that is not the life that we lead / each day is a desperate day / indeed / one day I’ll soon go down / and dig in the dirt / until I’m safe underground / if no trace of me ever gets found / then you can put the blame / on Struggletown.

the awakened mind

There is no animal more dangerous / than the awakened mind / you can try to bind it / but it won’t stay down / you can attempt to dim it / but it will still continue to shine / once you turn it on / you can never turn it off / even a nuclear bomb / cannot compare to the power / that is contained inside of one awakened mind / and there is nothing in this world / that is harder to find.