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permanent range

This world is just a reflection / of a world that exists on a permanent plain / things come and they go / like the sun and the rain / we live and we die / cities rise and fall / even mountains in their own way gradually change / we walk around and wonder / but will never really know why / until we plant our feet again / on the permanent range.


The hoodoos looked down at the river / and it was like they were remembering a dream / the same kind of stream ran right down below / that they’d already come to know from their time on the clock / so it goes when you’re a rock / you stand in the snow / and you wait for the rain / and you never let it show / that you’re alone with the pain.

new ecstatic wings

Look / out of the wreckage / here comes the new ecstatic wings / and all of the things we talked about before / are lying on the floor / still waiting for a break / but this is the road to take / this is the bright / red / ruby eye that sings / this is the heart moving on beyond heartache / on the highway of the new ecstatic wings.

stumbling back

The volcano looked like it was only about a mile away / so I started later in the day / then Pablo said I should / as I walked along the shoreline of the lake / I was feeling good / first go left / and then go right / and then go left again / it wasn’t hard to comprehend / but then I came to a field covered with corn / and the trail was shorn / so I just headed uphill / up through the brush and the trees / and some kind of thorny landfill / by the time I reached the top I was nearly spent / and the sun went down / as I was stumbling back to my tent.

memory gate

I’m walking though the memory gate / and find I’ve left nothing behind / all the things that I’ve lost / are still here in my mind / every friend who has vanished / is waving to me / I’ve returned to a world / where I’m happy and free / they say if you want to see heaven / then you’ll have to sit and wait / in the meantime get up and walk / through the memory gate.