seer of things

There’s a small movement in the bedroom of night / the curtain is parted in two / she looks down / he stands in the street with a look on his face / and a weight on his heart / and a speech on the tip of his tongue / but there’s no need to hear what the messenger brings / she’s already read it aloud / she’s a seer of things / he moves to the door with the wind at his back / and his collar turned up / and his eyes staring out of his head / trapped in the glass / he sees a reflection / that causes him to tremble / causes him to holler / hoo-hooo / and there’s no need to wonder why the doorbell rings / she’s already heard it before / she’s a seer of things / he stands with his mouth like a hole and he says / there’s a barn owl that screeches / a dark hand that reaches / to sever my planet in two / there’s a long shadow / a long black shadow / that follows my footsteps / devouring all that I do / these are the fears of the fools and the kings / these have already been seen / by the seer of things / up in the bedroom the four walls are seasons / that turn as he’s turning his head / there’s sand on the floor / and there’s hills at the foot of the bed / stars on the ceiling / fall down when they’re feeling / like lining the fields with light / when the cricket has sung / there’s a creaking of springs / then it’s quiet tonight / in the house of the seer of things.

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